The Canadian Workaway Experience that Changed Our Lives

Lac la Hache

To be honest, I don’t remember a lot from our first days during our Canadian Work away in Lac la Hache. I do know that we immediately felt at home there. Our initial plan was to stay for 4 weeks, but they had an opening after our stay. So of course, we stayed for 6 weeks.

I remember it was still cold in the mornings of our week of arrival. But then Canadian summer kicked in. Boy, what a change to Vancouver’s winter. By 10 in the morning, we would already be puffing and sweating outside in the garden. On the plus side, we had a beautiful brown tan after those 6 weeks.

Good Morning!

Every day we got up at 7, ate breakfast in our cabin and went up to the main house. There, we did some blog stuff until about 9. Then we would start our day by taking care of the little chickies. Who, by now, are not so little anymore and are even laying eggs!

In our first 2 weeks, we had to clean up the front garden. Some trees came too close to the power lines and needed to be cut down.

Florian learned to use the chainsaw to cut up the trunks in little pieces and I learned to use an ax to cut off the smaller branches. After all the cutting was done, we hauled them over to the wood splitter. You should have seen our arms. Popeye anyone?

We also had the opportunity to plant the garden all by ourselves. Somethings we had never done before. We planted potatoes, beans, carrots, onions and so much more. We had a wonderful time working in the garden every now and then. Watching everything grow that you planted yourself is truly amazing.

Around 3 pm, we finished work and it was time to play with the horses. I’ve always wanted a black horse so I couldn’t be happier when I got Cinder. Although, Florian thought of his horse, Little Rose, as the prettiest of them all. You just couldn’t help but fall in love with all 6 of them.

If we couldn’t find the horses (they had a huge enclosure so yes, it was possible that we couldn’t find them!), we went up to the lake to take out the canoe. This was before we had a (way too) close bear encounter.

After that, we were just a bunch of scaredy cats and didn’t go to the lake anymore. Even horseback riding in the woods was now a bit more stressful. Thank you, Mr. Bear! But here are some photo’s of the time we were still oblivious to bears.

We also learned how to catch a goat. Pat wanted to have a few goats so we went to buy 3 little cuties. They got a nice green patch of grass on the property and we made a fence as good as we could. Apparently, the goatees are masters escape artists, because they got through the fence like a dozen times. If you ever need help catching a goat, give us a call!

We can’t forget Duke of course. The best dog in the world! Thanks to Duke, Florian and I want to have a Border Collie. We just got so attached to him. He had this very annoying but hilarious thing he did. When you wanted to put on your shoes, he would come up to you and put his nose in your face. You had to keep pushing him away in order to get your shoes on. Annoying but also really cute.

This was such a different experience than our other Canadian workaway. We cannot thank Pat and Doug (and all the animals) enough for giving us the best time of our lives!

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