Following the Romantic Route in Bruges

From kissing your loved one on the bridge of the Lake of Love to meandering the charming streets hand in hand, Bruges is the ideal city to have a romantic day with your significant other.  

If you want to walk the same route as we did, download the Romantic Hotspots Route here.

Start your day by parking your car next to the train station. You don’t have to drive into the city center, and it’s only €6,10 for a day which is cheap.

Minnewaterpark and the Lake of Love

We start our 2,5km romantic walk by crossing the street and turning right into the Minnewaterpark. One of Bruges’s most idyllic parks, with its fairytale buildings, weeping willows, and Minnewaterbrigde. While the route doesn’t take you over the bridge, I suggest you cross it with your loved one! Legend says those couples will know eternal love, and yes, we crossed the bridge together. Now go back, cross it a second time (double your chances!), and turn right.

view of the minnewater lake with terrace of a cafe and church in the background
view of the minnewaterbridge with flowers on the sides
view of the minnewaterbridge from the side reflecting in the lake
view of the minnewater lake with terrace of a cafe and church in the background

Begijnhof (Beguinage) Bruges

Continue your walk by the water to arrive at the Begijnhof of Bruges. One of the 12 Flemish beguinages founded in 1245, the ‘Princely Beguinage Ten Wijngaarde’ is a must-visit! Entering through the gate, you’ll find yourself in a serene garden with white-washed houses and only the sound of birds. It’s like entering a little piece of heaven inside the city. In Spring, you’ll find the garden covered in daffodils! 

the white-washed houses and a lawn with trees of the beguinage of bruges
the white-washed houses and a lawn with trees of the beguinage of bruges
florian standing inside the garden of the beguinage of bruges
a black cat sitting on a wall in the beguinage of bruges
a path through the garden to different white houses in the beguinage of bruges

Almhouses (Godshuizen)

Leaving the peace and quiet behind, we’ll make our way to the Godshuizen or almshouses. Wealthy families built these white houses so single women had a place to stay. Nowadays the old houses are restored and modernized so the elderly can live here. Take a peek inside the picturesque garden and marvel at these architectural pearls! 

the white-washed facades of the almshouses in bruges
the white-washed facades of the almshouses and garden in bruges

Bridge Hopping in Bruges

Perhaps the most photogenic place on this route, the Boniface Bridge is one of the youngest bridges of Bruges (1910) and the most popular one too! If you don’t feel like waiting around to cross the bridge, plenty of other bridges can be found along the romantic route. 

the bonifaciusbridge and a boat passing underneath it in bruges
old houses next to the river in Bruges

 The Meebrug and Peerdenbrug lie very close to each other, offering an incredible view of the water and the passing boats. 

the peerdenbridge in bruges
the river in bruges with houses on both sides and a church in the background

Gruuthuse Palace Inner Courtyard

A combination of old and new, the modern pavilion in the middle of the yard contrasts the Church of Our Lady and the rest of the buildings. Take your time exploring before moving on to the Rozenhoedkaai.

the gruuthuse Palace inner courtyard with modern pavilion and the church of our lady in the back
the gruuthuse Palace inner courtyard with two people walking across it

Rosary Quai (Rozenhoedkaai)

You might be familiar with this view as it’s Bruges’ most Instagrammable spot. Google Bruges, and you’ll likely get a thousand photos of the Rosary Quai. If you’re staying overnight in the city, I recommend coming back after dark; nothing more romantic than strolling around the Quai with the street lights reflecting on the water.  

From here, you can also opt for a boat tour. However, it can get quite busy and is very touristy. Better to find a table somewhere to rest your legs, have a drink, and enjoy some people-watching.

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pinterest share image of Bruges

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