florian and kelly kissing on the terrace of their coucoo cabanes cabin

Romantic getaway at Coucoo Cabanes

We’ve just returned from a fabulous two-night stay at the Coucoo Cabanes Domaine La Reservé.

Coucoo Cabanes has five different domains scattered throughout France. La Reservé is closest to Belgium, and it’s a 3-hour drive from Antwerp when the traffic is good. Although, expect some delays when driving back because you know traffic in Belgium is always a disaster.

Last-Minute Booking

If I didn’t have to book last minute, I would have some serious trouble choosing a cabin. There are 16 cabanes, and they all look different. Some overlook a lake, a few have no bathroom, and most have hot tubs!

But like I said, we booked a last-minute stay for my birthday, so we only had a few options left, and we found the Attrapes-Rêves (Dreamcatcher) to our liking.

Dreamcatcher Cabin

The cabin has enormous windows, giving you a fantastic view of the big lake. The upstairs bedroom also overlooks the water, making for an excellent breakfast in bed. Breakfast is included in your reservation and is delivered between 8 and 8:30 am in a picnic basket: croissants, pain au chocolates, fresh bread, yogurt, and fresh apple juice.

There’s a kitchenette if you want to cook a light meal and a fancy coffeemaker which we thoroughly enjoyed. If you don’t feel like cooking, there are a few dinner options, like fondue raclette or BBQ. Unfortunately, we didn’t try these because there weren’t good vegetarian options. There’s a big E.Leclerc supermarket nearby for when you need groceries. 

Things To Do at Coucoo Cabanes La Reservé

As for activities, there are plenty of things to do. We had a nice walk around the lake (you can even take a boat out), and there’s a forest right next to the domain too, Forêt Domaniale de Laigue. Or if you’re more into culture, you can visit one of the area’s numerous castles.

autumn colors in the forest
florian posing while walking in the forest

Oh, I almost forgot the best part of our cabin! Almost all the cabins have a private hot tub on their terrace. Although it rained quite a bit during our stay, we didn’t mind because there’s nothing more romantic than sitting in your hot tub listening to the sound of falling rain. The hot tub was a big part of why we booked this stay in the first place!

Want to stay in one of these cabins yourself?
Visit their website to book a night (or two!) at Coucoo Cabanes La Reservé.
Sidenote: they are only open from March until the end of November.

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